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Best Male & Female German Shepherd Names

So you’re ready to adopt your new German Shepherd puppy. You now know what gear and toys to buy, how to properly being a puppy home and how to train them. But theres one thing you may have forgotten, A NAME! A good dog name should showcase

German Shepherd Grooming Guide

The German Shepherd has what’s known as a “double-coat” which means having a very coarse undercoat next to the skin and the visible longer coat on top. This typically doesn’t make grooming difficult other than requiring a bit more thorough brushing and regular bath, but here is

Clicker Training Guide

Dog Clicker Training is a technique that has been around since the late 1960s, but is now more popular than ever. Clicker training is a scientifically proven way to train dogs based solely on positive reinforcement. Put simple, the dog is taught that the clicking sound is a

Bringing Home A New Puppy

Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy from a trusted breeder or brought home a rescue dog from a shelter, the first introduction to your home and family to the dog can be crucial. There can also be a longer adjustment period if the dog had a

Different Colors & Coats (Photos)

“No good dog can be a bad color” – Capt. Max von Stephanitz. The father of the German Shepherd breed. The color of a German Shepherd of course has no effect on the character of the dog or it’s ability to work, but it’s still something to

Flea & Tick Protection Guide

During the Summer months while you’re enjoying the outdoors with your family, don’t forget to extend your Flea & Tick protection to your pets! While witnessing some of the warmest winters and temperatures overall in recorded history, flea & tick season starts earlier and earlier every year

Feeding Your German Shepherd – The Basics

German Shepherds have shown to be the most healthy living on a diet of 3 to 4 cups of dry, high quality dog food each day. Though, Just like people, all dogs are not the same and the amount depends on factors like age, metabolism, activity &

How To Housetrain Your German Shepherd

How To Housetrain Your German Shepherd – One of the very first steps after bringing home your new German Shepherd puppy is to make sure they know where and where-not to do their business. Most importantly, not on your carpet. It’s a lot easier than you may think.

Top 10 Best German Shepherd Toys

German Shepherds love to bite, chew, tear and play with things. It’s part of their nature. These dogs have huge amounts of energy that needs to be burned off some how. Toys can also help with health and hygiene such as teeth and nails. Not to mention