German Shepherds have shown to be the most healthy living on a diet of 3 to 4 cups of dry, high quality dog food each day. Though, Just like people, all dogs are not the same and the amount depends on factors like age, metabolism, activity & exercise level, etc.

Younger Shepherds and puppies grow fast, so don’t hold back on their food. They also don’t tend to over-eat so just making sure their bowl is always full will keep them healthy and content.

What Kind of Food?

Dog Bowl of foodLike mentioned above, we recommend a healthy diet of more premium dry dog food, and some premium wet food available in all pet shops and vets. Store carried food won’t hurt your dog in any way, but it lacks greatly in the nutrition that they need. Brands of food we recommend are:

  • Eukanuba
  • Advance Puppy
  • Royal Canin
  • Purina ONE


Wet & Raw Foods

Wet and raw dog foods are best served later in the day or at night if given at at. This helps in multiple ways with your dogs digestion and helps maintain healthy energy levels when done on a regular schedule. If store bought, we recommend the brands listed above or most other premium brands sold in pet stores.

At the end of the day, the healthiest type of food you can possibly feed your dog, is raw foods. Raw foods such the obvious raw meat, but also fresh vegetables, spinach, broccoli, sweat potatoes, carrots and etc are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals which help dogs as much as they help humans.

Note: all vegetables should be served to your dog raw. Cooked never hurts, but takes away some of the essential nutrients.


Dog with BoneBones such as chicken wings and lambs neck are recommended as well. You can serve these any time with or in between your pup’s regular meals. Chewing on bones scrapes away plaque and controls tarter build up to maintain healthy dental hygiene as well as controlling bad breath and keeping teeth strong.

WARNING: Never, cheap out on bones for your dog if you’re going to buy them. Some cheaper bones are not stored or prepared properly which can lead to contamination, broken pieces which can get lodged in the dog’s throat, wrong texture which can cause more harm to a dog’s teeth than good plus more.

The best and safest bones for your dog can usually be purchased at the same places you buy high quality regular food. Pet stores, vets, specialty stores, etc. if you’re not sure just ask a store associate for assistance in picking the right brand/type. Don’t let this warning discourage you, bones can be surprisingly beneficial for your pup, just be safe.

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JNL – Flickr

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