German Shepherds love to bite, chew, tear and play with things. It’s part of their nature. These dogs have huge amounts of energy that needs to be burned off some how. Toys can also help with health and hygiene such as teeth and nails. Not to mention they keeps your furniture safe…

So what are the best German Shepherd toys? we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite German Shepherd toys and play gear for you to check out.

1. Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Dog ToyEvery dog needs a Kong Extreme Dog Toy. This toy was originally designed for for the toughest of military dogs and is by far the toughest and most durable dog toys you can get. Not even the most vicious of dogs can tear this toy apart, so even your German Shepherd’s super strong teeth won’t have you buying new toys over and over.

The toy is designed as a super thick rubber exterior and a hollow interior which allows you to insert appropriate types of treats and food to keep your pup interested for hours. If you can tell already, we really love this toy. The Kong Extreme Dog Toy comes in six different sizes including a separate puppy version.

2. Kong Extreme Dog Bone

Kong Dog BoneNext on our list i yet another product from Kong Dog Toys. It’s the Kong Extreme Dog Bone. Made from the same military-dog grade rubber, this is most likely the only bone you will have to buy for pup.

Besides being tough enough to never be torn apart, it also serves as a treat dispenser just like the original Kong toy. This toy only comes in one size, but it does come in two colors, Red and Black.

3. WestPaw Bumi Dog Toy

WestPaw Buni Dog Toy Apple GreenThis may just may be our favorite play/activity toy we’ve seen so far.  The Bumi Dog Toy Designed by WestPaw This toy is meant for extremely active dogs (such as German Shepherds). made from a material called Zogoflex® It’s chewable, throw-able, stretchable and it even floats. On top of all that it’s one of the cheapest on the list too.

4. Nylabone Flavoured Chew Toy

Nyla BoneThis non-edible flavored chew toy is always a big hit with all dog breeds. The Nylabone Flavoured Chew Toy(s)This toy is offered in a TON of of different sizes and shapes for small puppies to large dogs. Our favorite are

Nylebone Ring Toy

the Wishbone and especially the Ring shape since it doubles as a great fetch toy for you active pup. These products are also more effective than others for cleaning your dog’s teeth and keeping them strong. Nylabone also offers edible chew toys and rawhide ones if that’s what you and/or your dog prefers. These toys are also some of the cheapest.

5. Kong Tug & Pull Dog Toy

Kong Pull ToyEvery dog needs a good pull toy for tug of war right? Well we recommend the Kong Tug & Pull Dog Toy (Yes another Kong toy, haha). We really discourage the use of rope pull toys since most of them include fringed ends which tear off easily which can lead to choking, sickness and digestive problems. The rest of the rope itself will do so after a while as well. We only recommend using solid/rubber pull toys like this one. As with the other toys from Kong that we mentioned above, this one also comes in two different colors along with different sizes. It’s also made from the same military & police dog grade rubber that we love. And of course we love the very reasonable price point.

6. Hurley Zogoflex Dog Toy

Hurley Zogoflex Dog Toy BlueHere is another product from WestPaw that my own dog absolutely LOVES. The Hurley Zogoflex Dog ToyThis toy is in my opinion, the best fetch toy available. It’s made from super durable rubber, comes in two different sizes (small & large) plus comes in plenty of fun colors. it has a fun shape that’s perfect for tossing and easy for your dog to bite and pickup unlike some others. Oh, and did I mention it floats?

7. Nylabone Flexible Dental Bone

Nylabone Flexible Dental Bone Dog Chew ToySometimes the things that are the best for you, really are the most fun. The Nylabone Flexible Dental Bone Dog Chew Toy is a personally favorite of my dog. The toy is mainly meant as a dental hygiene toy for dogs which it does a great job at, but the fun texture of the toy turned out to be a fast favourite. It’s another toy from Nylabone which we already trust, comes in a bunch of sizes and the best part? It’s only 4 bucks on Amazon!

8. Jive Dog Ball

Jive Dog BallsWe really haven’t mentioned any type of balls yet have we? Well how about these cool Jive Dog Balls? These things are just plain fun. With the same concept as one of the toys I mentioned above, these balls have a unique shape which makes it easier for you dog’s teeth to grab onto. They come in plenty of sizes and shapes as well.


9. WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

WaterDog Automatic DrinkingI guess you can argue that this isn’t really a toy per se, but your dog will certainly think it is. The WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain is one of the best Summer dog items. It will attach to any regular garden hose spigot or the end of a hose itself dispense a cool, clean stream of drinking water your your pup once they comes within 3 feet of the sensor to help themselves when ever they wish.

WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

It Works both day & night, the height if fully adjustable and not to mention isn’t an eyesore like some similar products I’ve seen before. The product is currently on sale at Amazon for $55.00 which is very reasonable if you ask me, unlike the regular price of $100.00. What do you think?


9 ½. Foot-Activated Doggie Water Fountain

Dog Pet WaterIn case the last product was a bit out of your price range or just non content for your living space, I thought I would also include this cheaper option from Allied Precision. The Foot Activated Doggie Water Fountain. Coming in at only $16.90 on Amazon vs the previous $55-$100. All your pup needs to do when they need a drink is step on the the foot activated fountain which connects to your garden hose.

10. Tennis Balls

Tennis BallCliché? Yes. Really? Yes. That’s right. The 10th item on our list is a good ol’ tennis ball. This is still one of the best dog toys I can think of. Besides playing fetch these are also a great and not to mention safe chew toy for your pup to have fun with. Head over to Amazon now to grab a can of 3 for just $2.00.

Have fun!



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