How To Housetrain Your German Shepherd – One of the very first steps after bringing home your new German Shepherd puppy is to make sure they know where and where-not to do their business. Most importantly, not on your carpet.

It’s a lot easier than you may think. It’s also something you want to start on day one before your puppy can develop any type of bad habits such as picking out a place to go all on their own.

Establish A Normal Routine

ClockOne of the most important steps is to start a regular daily routine with times you take your pup out to go. This is the most common mistake people make when training their new dogs and one of the most effective ways of keeping your home mess free.

It’s recommended that you take adult size dogs out every 4-5 hours, though they can healthily wait 7-8 if need be. Puppies will need to go out more frequently do to their much small bladder. Every hour or so is best, but a maximum of 1-3 hours is fine. Try to get your dog used to going out 3 times a day, 2 at the least.

The first outing in your routine should be right after your puppy (or you) wakes up in the morning since they will most likely need to go urgently, the same as their owners.

Pick a Single Bathroom Spot Outside

How To Housetrain Your German ShepherdFInd a single spot outside which would be suitable for your puppy to relieve himself in everyday (eg. corner of the back yard, behind the garage, etc). Each time you bring your puppy outside to use the bathroom bring him to this spot with a leash until he or she relieves themselves.

We recommend repeating a key word or phrase such as “Go potty” or “Do your business” so that your puppy will associate this with relieving themselves.

This is another extremely simple and effective step in training that most people over look and pay for it later with spots allover their lawn…

Quick Tip: Supervize New Puppies

This tip may seem obvious to some, but an important step to avoiding messes inside the house is to simply watch and supervise your puppy during the day. If you see your puppy about to mess inside, bring them to their designated stop outside. This and the last step is more than enough to in time teach your puppy where to go and where not to go.

When & When Not to Punish

Bad DogWhen you find a soiled area from your puppy inside it’s easy to jump and want to scold them, but that does much more harm than good. Once it’s after the fact and you confront a your them about it, it’s not going to have connection to the accident. Just clean up the mess and keep a better eye out for the next time.

If you happen to find your dog in the act, try to make a sudden noise such as a clap (being mindful not to startle them too much) then bring them to their spot outside as you normally would. This is also a good opportunity to initiate another trigger word such as “Outside!” or something as simple as “Bad!” will do fine.

Taking your puppy to the spot and scolding them in hopes that they will relate the two is even more harmful. This will only make your puppy afraid to relieve themselves in you presence in fear of being yelled at again.

Note: Clean the soiled area very well. Dogs and puppies especially are inclined to mess again in places that smell like urine or feces. Sure, your pup has an amazing nose, but make it as hard as possible to smell.

Check out this video for some more great tips

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