The dog training community and German Shepherds in particular have a HUGE amount of resources packed with information to read. Below we’ve assembled a list of our favourite dog training blogs as well as some other great resources including forums, videos and more. Make sure you pay these guys a visit soon! If you know of some other great resources that aren’t on this list, be sure to let us know down in the comments!

Note: The websites listed below are in no particular order or preference.

GermanShephrds is a forum website where Shepherd owners can talk and share their own tips and tricks on training, food, grooming and more. The forum also has sections to discuss different names and photos of your own pups. The forum has a surprising amount of activity from a lot of users, but there isn’t much of a community type feeling that we would like and that you find on other forums. Never the less, it’s by far one of our favourite resources and highly recommend checking it out by clicking HERE.

Cesar’s Way Millan is an award winning dog trainer and author who has an amazing blog over at where he covers every topic from dog training, dog rescue all the way to indept resoucses on the psychology of different training techniques. This is a blog we frequent very often and highly encourage out own readers to stop by and say hey every now and then. The only gripe we may have is that some of the content can sometimes seem repetitive. Check out Cesar’s blog HERE.

Riley’s Place’s Way is a different kind of website. it’s not so much of a training resource as much as a generally passionate blog about German Shepherds loaded with different resources. “A place for those who love German Shepherds and the shepherds who love us” The blog has a light hearted feel themed as being written by Mom’s three dogs Riley, Nissa and Gracie. The main focus of the site is rescue and care and has won multiple awards. Why not check it out yourself HERE?

/r/GermanShepherds Reddit

German Shepherds Reddit LogoHere at German Shepherd Training Camp we LOVE Reddit. In turn, we obviously frequent the GermanShepherds Reddit page. If you’re in familiar with Reddit, it’s a place where users can share content throughout various pages called “sub reddits” (for example /r/GermanShepherds) You can both upvote and downvote content determining it’s value to other users. The higher up on the page, the more valuable the content. Come check it out for yourself HERE!

Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training LogoAs the title suggests Karen Pryor’s blog is an amazing resource on clicker training. A topic we’ve covered in depth here on our own blog and suggest using. Karen Pryor’s blog doesn’t have some quality information, but some awesome products to check out too including things like custom dog clickers, custom training gear and some great toy reviews. Stop by and tell ’em we sent you! Click HERE.


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